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I understand that a Rev Limiter "Cuts Spark" or "Cuts Fuel Supply" on EFI quads.

I know how a CDI works the basics. The CDI charges & Timing Trigger at the flywheel tells it proper time to fire, then sends voltage to coil. "I know some CDI's use the battery in order to work instead of the stator"

My question is. What inside of the CDI/ECM Makes a Rev Limiter? How does it work? The only thing I can even think of that may even sound like it may work is that there is some Resistor inside the CDI that when the voltage gets to that certain point it causes the voltage to stop being produced after that point.

My Theory.
"Say the Resistor only lets 120VAC In to the CDI for example, and the engine is at 9000 when the stator produces 120VAC then when the engine revs to 9100RPM there is now 125VAC that the Stator is producing that resistor allows no more voltage comes through turning to 0VAC for that split millisecond till the engine revs back down to 9000 RPM" then it goes to 120VAC again Causing the "Rev Limiter Bounce" effect. Am I correct? Please tell me how it works if i'm wrong Thanks guys! I'm very smart with how stuff works but this has always had me mind boggled! It's driving me crazy to know lol!
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