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Whats cookin'?

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Hey everyone,

I have a 87 trx250x that im finally planning on making a little quicker and add some power to. I've had it for about 14+ years now and its never given me problems what so ever until recently. So i gotto fix some of the electrical going to the spark plug and get some parts that broke over the years and while im doing that i was planning on modding it up a bit, repainting the chasis and engine and cleaning it up. Im also riding a raptor 660 02' that i just did the basic exhaust, airfilter, jetting to.

I don't want to bore or play too much with the engine just yet. I just want to give it a boost im performance and looking for advice on what i should and shouldn't do or buy.

So far the mods im looking at is the basics, new FMF exhaust or a yoshimura like i put on my raptor, KN air filter, and properly jetting it. I'm going to install a new clutch once i find one so any recommendations are appreciated. Im leaning towards the FMF exhaust or something comparable in price though. The yoshimura is pricey and the quad won't be my main ride. And that extra 300$ would go to other parts on the quad.

I was looking into installing a brand new stage 1 carb into the system as well but don't know where to start, and if its going to mess with the other part on my engine. Last thing i need is adding power from one end and it ends up stressing out and breaking other parts. The bike is old and i don't know what shape the inside of the engine is in. If i do go new carb should i go for new pistons and upgrade new parts inside the engine as well? Im new to engine work so anything past the carb is uncharted territory and is going to take some researching to learn.

Also, i was looking into the CDI rev boxes since im rewiring pretty much the whole bike. Is it worth it for the minimal upgrades im going to be doing? When do they become worth installing? Was thinking of getting one for the raptor as well.
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The 250X is a great quad. Welcome to the forums. If you change the exhaust and filter I would jet the carb so it wont run too lean and burn a valve and or blow the engine.
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