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Which CDI unit for my '88 TRX 300 ?

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Some CDI unit and ignition questions for my '88 TRX 300 ?


I want to get a new CDI unit, possibly just as a spare if it turns out my coil is stuffed, otherwise it may be needed if the coil is good. Waiting on a new coil to arrive.

Anyway- according to this older post here...

The CDI units are different. The 1988 model TRX300 2 and 4WD used part #30410-HC4-003. The 1989 thru 1993 2 and 4WD used part #30410-HC4-770. The parts look the same and will plug into the wiring harness, but they are different even though they cost the same.
So I've been looking them up and almost all listings specify 1988 through to 1993. Some listings even mention being a replacement for both part numbers, like this one..

High Performance CDI Box For Honda TRX300 Fourtrax 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 | eBay

Can anyone here confirm that there is actually a working difference between these parts numbers, so much as too the later part not actually working on a '88 model?

Otherwise I'm tempted to just get one, $16 inc post from Aliexpress, and see what gives.

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Patience - the original poster has not been active since Mar of 22 - hopefully he's still active and will get back to you
So my new CDI unit arrived, only a week or so after ordering it. First thing I noted was how tiny it was! Its about 3/4" smaller in length and narrower too than the original. It came with new plugs but the colours dont match.
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