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Why'd you pick your bike?

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I was just wondering what made you pick your bike. For me, I started out with a Suzuki LTZ400 (that I'm now selling btw) because I loved the way it felt when I sat on it. After two years of owning it, I got sick of losing uphill sand races to all my buddies... guys AND gals...

One of my guy friends told me to take his '04 TRX450r for a spin and I did... And so started the obsession with getting one for myself... He has hot cams and a pipe and beats his wife's Raptor 700, (which was enough to make me happy.. I dislike Yami's) and the only other bike that can beat him (in our circle of friends) is... you guessed it... another TRX450r.

So... Why'd you get your bike?
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I guess I kind of acquired the trx200sx with out really wanting it. lol I watched my son and his buddies abuse this thing to the point of stupid. Drunken timed laps through a Mormon church parking lot without helmets was just too over the top, so I offered a 100. and well, now it is mine. Fun little ride, and with the little tlc I have been giving it I am really amazed in finding the repairs are minor. I have been riding this thing like I stole it. Now that I put some new rear tires on it this thing is like a billy goat. Not the most sought after rig, but good enough for me at this time. I can start to understand the desire for more power and better suspensions and on and on. Peace, Mike
Honda has a Great rep for reliability.
I had a 450R, it was set up for MX. Bought used for the right price. It was a phase.
I got into trail riding and that is why I bought a 400EX
Honda is the only sport quad to own, great right off the showroom floor but way better with lots of aftermarket parts and engine work

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69 you show off!! Lol!!!
LOL I agree
I got mine because Honda has a great rep and the 400ex is a great trail quad with a great rep.
Yeah crap, if my bike looked like that I'd go honda for sure too! lol. I'm actually thinking about taking my bike apart to powder coat the frame Candy apple green, the orange is giving me ideas...
I beleive green would look great with the black plastic.
I got my 400ex because of the reliability, simple to maintain, and reputation. I do trail riding and you can't beat a 400ex for that!

Ride red or stay in bed!

I got my 400ex because of the reliability, simple to maintain, and reputation. I do trail riding and you can't beat a 400ex for that!

Ride red or stay in bed!

I agree with you there. The 400 is a great quad. I like mine
I picked the Z400 in 2004 because my dad and I couldn't find a cheap enough 450r, and I just didn't like the looks of the 400ex, and both quads didn't have reverse. So we went to the Suzi dealership and found the Z. And I love the old girl. Never had a problem with her.
i just got my 2009 400x a cuple of months ago and i love it i picked it because my old cr 250 is worn out
I just got a 2009 TRX 450ER Special Edition by accident I went into the dealer to look at and buy the TRX500PG Canadian Trail Edition (Rubicon in USA) but they didn’t have the Honda Associates discount on that 4X4 so I figured forget it but I did see a red TRX 250X and
A Special Edition TRX 450ER I liked both but though I was going to get the TRX 250X for my girls because they are out growing there TRX 90EX so why not and Honda had the Associates deal going on the 250 but when the sales guy said the 450 was on the deal too. I figured why get the 250 ill just get the 450 and I don’t have to upgrade and the price was amazing. Problem is I love the speed and I causes fights with my 4 girls over whose turn it is to ride. I need to buy more Honda's
I came across a great deal on craigslist for my 2002 400ex this past week. Just picked it up monday. I chose it because of the great deal and because I know Hondas are great bikes.
When I got mine I was looking for a new Recon to ride the trails with. Local dealer had this new left over 250EX that was tricked out. Could buy it alot cheaper than a one year newer Recon. Great bike. I can have fun on it and still creap around the yard with my 2yo girl on my lap and not have to worry about it stalling with the sport clutch. Any way I don't believe I'l ever own anything but a Honda.
Yeah, I just sold my Z400 and replaced it with a 450er. That's the one thing I miss about my Z. The reverse. Other than that, I don't think I'll ever sell the 450r. So far I can't think of anything I want to replace it with.
I was looking for a quad for myself, there was always a family quad but I could'nt hoon/trash it, it was a praire 650. Since I've had very good look with my VTX 1800 cruiser, I wanted an HONDA, sooo found a very cheap, torn apart 1992 250x and put it together. When I finished I noticed it was a bit too slow for me (my friends ride scrambler 400s). Found a 250R, sold the 250x and got it for the same price :). this was last week, barely ridden it.......
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