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I'm new to the forum, but have had my bike for a while. Due to job loss (and health coverage with it) my bike's sat for almost 18 months without being ridden. I did take it out and start it every couple months. Finally, I'm ready to ride again, but now I can't get my 400ex to idle at all.

Bike is a stock '04, purchased used in 08. Has stock dimensions to best of my knowledge, stock jetting and a stock exhaust that I just installed to replace the gutted stock can that was on it when I purchased it (much nicer ride with less noise). Jets are I believe stock (38 and 142/4?), has K&N filter/pre-filter and a full airbox, a/f screw is 2.5-3 turns out, running week old 93 octane hi-test. My problem is basically what I believe to be the motor running too lean. Will only run with the choke on full. Otherwise it will sputter, cut in and out, and generally misbehave, as well as having a popping from the exhaust when I let off the throttle. I have cleaned the carb twice, will do so again. I know carb, petcock, and line are getting fuel as I can watch it run out the drain line when screw is opened. I have to get a socket to fit the plug, but it should be fine as I've never had any problems with it before. It has always been cold natured, but always ran very well. I also have a 40 primary laying on the shelf to be installed when this mess is cleared up. Any suggestions on what else to check...?
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